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<h1>About Us</h1>

About Us

As an IT services company, we specialize in developing state-of-the-art data platforms for large enterprises. Our services are customized to meet the unique needs of each customer, ensuring they remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Infinite Services mission

Based in Europe and delivering globally across all time zones, we are specialized IT company deeply committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Our focus on excellence allows us to consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions and exceptional service, gaining recognition from clients worldwide. Competing successfully against the largest IT companies in the field of Data Services, we maintain a technology-agnostic approach to find the best solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs.

Infinite Services Teams

At Infinite Services, our achievements in data projects and high customer satisfaction are driven by our team of experts, each boasting an average of 12 years of professional experience in diverse data technologies and methodologies. By combining their extensive knowledge, we ensure the delivery of the best possible outcomes.

The Infinite Services expert team, dedicated to data project delivery, includes:

  • 29% Architects and Technical Leads
  • 33% Data Engineers and DWH Developers
  • 17% Data Analysts

Our teams are strategically located in Poland and the Philippines, enabling 24/7 delivery for our global customers.

Snowflake Power House

At Infinite Services, we fully recognize the visionary potential of the Snowflake platform. Our mission is to empower Snowflake users through:

  • Secure and seamless migration to the Snowflake platform
  • In-depth understanding of Snowflake technology
  • Maximized return on investment through tailored Snowflake solutions
  • Business expansion by leveraging the full potential of Snowflake

Since 2019, as Poland’s first Snowflake Services Partner, we’ve cultivated a dynamic community of Snowflake enthusiasts. Together, we’re committed to designing scalable cloud data platforms that meet the global demands of our diverse client base.

Infinite capabilities
driven by automation

From its inception, Infinite Services, formerly InfiniteDATA Services, was closely connected to InfiniteDATA, the vendor behind the automation and orchestration platform, AutomateNOW!. This synergy allowed us to deliver a unique approach to the enterprise data ecosystem, harnessing automation for exceptional outcomes. Following the acquisition of AutomateNOW! by Beta Systems Software AG, a globally recognized software provider with over 40 years of market presence and more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide, this alliance now offers even greater benefits to our clients.

Join Infinite Services!

At Infinite Services, we are dedicated to maintaining a high-performing environment where exceptional talents can develop and excel in cutting-edge data solutions. Discover more and join us.