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<h1>Managed Services</h1>

Managed Services

Flexible and cost efficient support and maintenance services based on ITIL practice, specifically tailored to Data Platforms, designed to serve global organizations through our 24x7 delivery model.

Managed Services for large data ecosystems

Our Managed Services, shaped by over 20 years of expertise in delivering intelligent solutions, are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of large data ecosystems. Leveraging ITIL best practices, this concept emphasizes continuous optimization, advanced automation, and democratized operational decision-making. Our Managed Services team comprises seasoned consultants with strong development and programming skills. They prioritize building an automated platform that ensures optimal availability and quality to support your business objectives, rather than simply managing incidents in a FIFO queue.

Our approach to Managed Services

Supporting business goals

Expert support tailored to your business goals and with scope flexibility, delivered by competent teams adept at navigating dynamic environments, ensuring seamless adaptation to the evolving context of your business.

End-users trust and satisfaction

Prioritizing downtimes reduction and embracing end-to-end ownership, our services streamline incident resolution, minimizing human errors and enhancing transparency through clear communication.

Continous optimization

Emphasizing automation and proactive capacity management, we optimize resource utilization and reduce downtimes, while limiting manual effort and introducing unique KPIs to gauge performance.

TCO Reduction

With a steadfast focus on automation and capacity optimization, our services achieve significant efficiency increases, leading to up to 30-40% lower total cost of ownership.

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