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<h1>Data Automation</h1>

Data Automation

Discover our unique approach to Data Platform architecture, designed to fully harness automation and enabling our customers to achieve significant, strategically planned outcomes.

Infinite capabilities driven by automation

At Infinite Services, we prioritize optimization and efficiency in everything we do. Through our extensive experience delivering hundreds of data projects, we’ve discovered that making automation a core component of data architecture yields exceptional results. These include:

  • increased ROI
  • optimized TCO
  • new business capabilities supporting competitive advantage.

Our comprehensive data services, combined with our partner’s cutting-edge workload automation solution, AutomateNOW!, enable us to commit to these outcomes for our customers.

AutomateNOW! by Beta Systems Software

Beta Systems Software’s AutomateNOW! is an award-winning, next-generation workload automation and orchestration platform recognized by independent industry analysts. AutomateNOW! seamlessly integrates with a wide range of data technologies, orchestrating the entire enterprise data ecosystem and providing a cohesive, end-to-end view of data flows. By leveraging AutomateNOW!, you can unlock a host of benefits, including intelligent, event-driven orchestration to manage complex workloads, dynamic workload balancing, anomaly detection, and robust security measures to streamline your enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence practices.

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Discover all benefits that AutomateNOW! enterprise automation and orchestration platform brings to data-driven organizations.
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